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Are you experiencing a missed period after unprotected sex? Maybe you have signs of pregnancy like:

  • Nausea with or without vomiting
  • Tender, swollen breasts
  • Fatigue
  • Or increased urination

You may be pregnant. To know for sure, taking a pregnancy test is your first step to clarity. To get the most accurate test results, it’s vital to take a test at the right time. According to the Mayo Clinic, the best time to take a pregnancy test is at least one day after your missed period. 

Could My Pregnancy Test Result Be Wrong?

Though it’s not very common, you may have received a false positive pregnancy test result due to a couple of factors, including:

  • Taking a pregnancy test too early. The sooner you take a home pregnancy test, the harder it is for the test to find HCG, a pregnancy hormone. 
  • Checking test results too early. Set a timer to go off when the test directions say to check the result. Wait to check the test until that amount of time has passed.
  • Taking the test too late in the day. For the most accurate results, take the test right after you get up in the morning. That’s when your urine is the most concentrated, making HCG easier to find.

What if My Pregnancy Test is Positive?

Come in for a free pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy, even if you got a positive result, to be sure. Our team is here to help you with your next steps and inform you about all your pregnancy options.

If your pregnancy test is positive, we are here to come alongside you in your journey. We can help you by providing a free pregnancy test, an ultrasound referral, and answers to your many pregnancy questions.
Schedule a free and confidential appointment to get started and find the peace of mind you’re looking for. You are not alone.

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