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We know how overwhelming a pregnancy decision can feel, but you are not alone. Get the facts about each option and consider the risks. Be informed so you can make a confident decision.


Abortion is a serious medical procedure and you deserve the facts. If considering abortion, it’s important to understand the different abortion procedures along with the side effects and risks.

There are two types of abortion procedures: medical abortion and surgical abortion. Medical abortion (the abortion pill) can only be done up to the 10th week.

Any abortion past 10 weeks gestation should be performed surgically. Be confident in how far along you are with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. We offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasound referrals.


If you are thinking about adoption, this option allows a hopeful couple to be given an addition to their family. There are multiple adoption plans to choose from, including:

  • Open adoption: The birth mother and adoptive family agree on the amount of contact made and open communication and visits are welcome.
  • Semi-open adoption: All communication and visits take place through a third party (like an adoption agency). Birth mothers aren’t contacted directly but still have contact with the family and child.  
  • Closed adoption: The birth mother’s identity is completely anonymous, as well as all identifying records. There is no communication between the birth mother, the family, or the child.


Sometimes parenting seems like the hardest option, but some women are surprised at how natural it comes to them. Parenting for the first time or with any unplanned pregnancy is nerve-racking.

The best way to feel prepared for parenting is to make a plan. By empowering yourself with the information and resources you need, you will be better equipped for what’s ahead. Talk to us today to get parenting resources if you decide on this option.

First, Confirm Your Pregnancy

Did you take an at-home pregnancy test? Even if that’s how you discovered you’re pregnant, it’s important to confirm your results.

Schedule a free and confidential pregnancy confirmation appointment today to move forward with your decision.

Know my state.
Know my options.


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