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It’s kind of you to be considerate of your friend’s feelings right now as she experiences an unexpected pregnancy. It can be a scary road to take alone. 

If you’re wondering how to support your best friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, simply knowing that you are there for her is the first step. Keep reading to learn more.

Show Her She’s Not Alone

Actions speak louder than words. If you haven’t already, visit your friend to see how she’s doing. Of course, check in with her first to see if she’s up for the visit. Though you don’t have clear answers for her, your support of showing up will speak volumes. 

Listen well as she opens up to you. Take off the pressure you put on yourself to want to give her clear answers, but simply remind her of who she is and that she is not alone. 

Hear Her Out

Next, your friend may confide in you when the time is right and need to vent somewhat. Do your best to listen well and wait to react. Listen to understand her, not just to respond. You can do this.

Hearing the questions and concerns that your friend is going through may make you feel powerless, but your listening ability is the greatest act of support right now. All she wants is to be heard and feel supported. 

Be Intentional 

Pregnancy can bring a whirlwind of emotions, so being there for your friend as she works through this unexpected time is essential. Here are some practical ways to be intentional and supportive of your friend right now:

  • Treat her to her favorite dinner
  • See a movie together
  • Do a girl’s night in with her favorite snacks 
  • Go with her to confirm her pregnancy (pregnancy testing & ultrasound)

Even with the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy, these small acts of kindness will reassure her that you care. 

Free Pregnancy Support

If your friend wants to learn the next steps and get clarity about her pregnancy, we offer free pregnancy services and support at Parke Vermillion Community Pregnancy Center. Contact us today for help.

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