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Are you scared after finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant? Breathe, you are not alone. Before an abortion, it’s essential to receive an ultrasound. Taking this step of pregnancy confirmation will safeguard your health and bring clarity. Three reasons you need an ultrasound before abortion are: 

  • An ultrasound tells you how far along you are
  • An ultrasound tells you the location of your pregnancy
  • An ultrasound tells you if your pregnancy is viable

All three pieces of information are vital before proceeding with an abortion. Keep reading to learn more about why you need an ultrasound before an abortion.

1. Know How Far Along You Are

Confirming how far along you are confirms your options when considering abortion. The FDA only recommends women up to 10 weeks pregnant to receive a medical abortion. Otherwise, you may need a surgical abortion. The only way to confirm which type of abortion you’re eligible for is through an ultrasound.

2. Determine Your Pregnancy Location

An ultrasound will determine your pregnancy location. In a normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. 

There is a chance for a pregnancy complication called ectopic pregnancy, where a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the uterus. The fertilized egg cannot survive and may cause life-threatening bleeding if not treated right away. An ultrasound can help identify this complication and direct you to the needed help.

3. Be Aware of Pregnancy Complications

Protect your health by being alerted of any potential pregnancy complications. Along with ectopic pregnancy, another common complication includes miscarriage. An ultrasound will help to reveal this. If you do have a miscarriage, you may need medical attention, and an abortion would not be an option for you.

Begin Pregnancy Confirmation

Although we only provide ultrasound referrals at PVCPC, you can start your pregnancy confirmation journey with a free pregnancy test. Our staff is here for you during this challenging time and here to talk with you about your next steps. 

Schedule a free appointment to get help and answers regarding your pregnancy.

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